immigration project

Updated: 3/26/2021
immigration project

Storyboard Text

  • immigration
  • hi im Andy, today im going to be teaching you about immigration.
  • disagreement
  • no more immigrants!
  • disadvantage & advantage
  • Immigration happens when someone is born in a one country but moves to another to live there. There´s a lot of reasons someone might go to another country, like war, crime, or just living conditions could be a push factor.
  • many people don´t think immigration is right. they believe immigrants are bad people. the U.S is made up of immigrants, that´s whats so cool about our country. its a big mixing pot of different cultures.
  • many families leave their countries to make a better life for their kids but its not as easy as it seems. most families aren´t in the U.S legally so they get separated sometimes. a huge advantage is that the families escaped the danger or poverty they were in, in their country.