T1 Exam U.S History
Updated: 11/25/2020
T1 Exam U.S History

Storyboard Text

  • Hamilton
  • Story of Tonight
  • Yorktown
  • Alexander Hamilton's early life was not easy for him. Alexander's parents both passed and his cousin committed suicide making his life a struggle. After this Alex fended for himself like the U.S did with France and Great Britain.
  • Nonstop
  • Hamilton, Mulligan, Laurens, and Lafayette are all talking about the story of tonight and are raising a glass to freedom which relates to the signing of the constitution and the night freedom was actually declared
  • Cabinet Battle #1
  • Yorktown relates to the Battle of Yorktown in 1781 with a week of fighting, the British finally put up the white flag and surrendered. America and France won against the British which ties back into what we learned in class about the battles.
  • Election of 1800
  • Hamilton was chosen for the constitutional convention after he got involved with law. He defended a man named Levi Weeks for a murder trial. This relates back to when we learned about the 3 branches and dove into the judicial branch of America.
  • The Cabinet Battle #1 is explaining Hamilton's economic plan by establishing a national bank. Jefferson and Madison do not agree and are taunting him. This relates to the battle of Hamilton and Jefferson of wanting a balanced government but turned into a rap battle.
  • Alexander Hamilton has New York on his side and is trying to join the founding fathers. Jefferson and Burr are battling for election and Hamilton's vote goes for Jefferson. This also relates to the judicial branch of the U.S