we luv russia
Updated: 2/6/2020
we luv russia
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  • April 1917-Lenin returns
  • overthrow the government!!
  • July Days
  • end the war
  • august 1917-Kornilov Affair
  • ok boomer
  • go to Petrograd!
  • Lenin returns from Switzerland with German assistance and issues the 'April thesis'. It stated, Bolsheviks to take complete power, land given to peasants and state control of factories.
  • Rise in Bolshevik support
  • we STAN the Bolsheviks
  • Mutineers and strikers flood the street with Bolshevik support. No attempt to seize power made but many were arrested and Lenin flees as Bolsheviks are portrayed as traitors
  • October-preparations
  • Kerensky fears a military take over from Kornilov so he frees the Bolsheviks and gives the arms to fight with. Bolsheviks are seen as the saviours of the city and the PG as weak.
  • October 24/26th-Bolsheviks take power
  • The Bolshevik's membership rises to 200,000 and has an elite force of 10,000 'Red Guards'. Bolsheviks now have a majority in the Petrograd Soviet.
  • The Petrograd Soviet sets up the 'Military Revolutionary Committee' to protect against German invasion. Under Trotsky, it was a used as a cover for the planning for seizure of power. The red guard was stationed at vantage points.
  • Lenin fears the PG is clamping down on the Bolsheviks and gave the order to take power. With no military backing, the Winter Palace was seized and Kerensky flees dressed as a nurse.
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