social studies
Updated: 2/9/2021
social studies

Storyboard Text

  • The tangiwai disaster was caused by volcanic lahar coming from mt ruapehu crater.
  • on Christmas eve, the Wellington-Auckland night express crashed into the flooded Whangaehu river.
  • Over 150 people had died out of the 285 people on the train. This effected many families and got everyone wondering how it happened and who's fault is was.
  • This caused a flow of water, silt, boulders and debris down to the bridge just before the train arrived.
  • Because of the river overflow, the fourth pier had broken underneath the bridge causing the train tracks to break and the train half the train went under.
  • A lot of individual evidence was given and shown a year or two before the disaster but was ignored. Some people found evidence near the crator that the waters were rising that would cause a lahar. Some peopel think that it was the (governments fault for not making the bridge properly)- made people think of who was responsible for the cause. negligence on the railway and foundations. some thought is was an act of god. alarm system.