Chapter 11 pt. 1
Updated: 5/8/2020
Chapter 11 pt. 1

Storyboard Text

  • He's going to think I'm interested in Tea Cake.
  • I can just treat him coldly.
  • .
  • Janie was afraid of asking Hezekiah about Tea Cake becuase she didn't want to show that she's intrested in him.
  • Can I get you a soda?
  • She contemplated on whether or not she should approach Tea Cake. She knows that they are 12 years apart (of age). So, she decides to treat him coldly.
  • .
  • She thought he was taking advantage of her wealth until he came with his imaginary guitar, to mesmerize Janie.
  • Let's go fishing!
  • Once again, they started to flirt. He bought her two sodas and they began to play checkers.
  • After spending the whole night talking, Janie invited him home. She offered him some pound cake and he went to get lemons for lemonade.
  • Tea Cake proposed an idea to go fishing. They caught some fishes and stayed in the lake.