Chapter 11 pt.2
Updated: 5/8/2020
Chapter 11 pt.2

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  • Hurry! You have to leave!
  • He's way out off your league.
  • After Tea Cake and Janie's adventure, she snuck him out of town to avoid gossiping.
  • The next day, Hezekiah warned Janie about Tea Cake. He told her that he doesn't reach her standards and he's out of her league. 
  • I just see you as friends.
  • Janie ignored Hezekiah's warning and met Tea Cake to eat fish.
  • I like you more than just friends.
  • Janie fell asleep on Tea Cake's lap while he was brushing her hair.
  • Janie confessed that she likes him as a friend. Tea Cake told her that his feelings are more stronger than her feelings towards him. Janie had trust issues and found it hard to belive him.
  • The next day, Tea Cake affirmed his love for her. Then four days later, driving a car, he confessed that he wants to make their relationship public.