haitian revolution sooooon

Updated: 6/14/2020
haitian revolution sooooon

Storyboard Description

is abt da haitin revolution yall its awesoom

Storyboard Text

  • As yall know we got three racial groupsBLANC(grand and petite)MULLATOES/AFFRANCHISSLAVES
  • richest whte ppl of da richmost are rich planter,top ciil and military officersmigrated to saint dominigue cuz of bankrupcy in hopes to restore their family fortunein upper class abt 35,000known as metropalian white
  • $$$ GRAND BLANCS $$$
  • lowest white social class meaning they b brokemost are artisans shoopkeepers managers clerksless respected cuz they b broke of white ppldo not enjoy grand blanc's priviledge such as voting cuz they had to own propertyin upper class abt 35,000known as creole whiteonly "badge of honor" they had wuz their white skin
  • Petite Blancs
  • rracial mixture of a whit male plantation owner and black slave mothersome become slaves like they mamaothers get educational oppurtunities & large inheritance not available to blak ppl cuz of they papamiddle class for 25,000
  • NB;code Noir of 689 mulattoes had been fiven rights but other rights eraded the rights
  • blancs upperclass 35,000
  • affranchis/mullatoes 25,00
  • slaves 450,000-500,000