Busy bee
Updated: 6/21/2020
Busy bee
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  • Hi Cameron. I´m going to work right now. Do you like have breakfast with me today?
  • Ring ring!!
  • Sure, I love Linda´s. We can get something before work. You pick me up?
  • Oh, I´m late today because I´m checking my mail . See you soon in the cafe?
  • L. R
  • Ok, don´t worry. I´m walking to Linda´s right now. See you, bye!
  • Cameron always wakes up early. She works every day, however takes time to share with friends.
  • A: Hi Pedro!!B: Hi Cameron, where are you going?
  • Mmm I´m going to my work but do you want eat some fast before job? Lora is waiting for me
  • Cameron and Lora usually go to have breakfast in a coffee shop near their job. They are best friends and are thinking gonna be flatmates.
  • Guys, I´m reading a book this month. I love the mistery.
  • Linda´s
  • She usually takes the bus but today she prefer walk. When she is going to the cafe Cameron is meeting with her old friend Pedro.
  • Bye Pedro. I wait see you soon.
  • Greats to your mom my friend.
  • Pedro is a good deportist. He goes running from mondays to thursdays and goes swimming every friday. Also he usually plays tennis on weekends.
  • Perfect!! I always go running and today I can´t prepare a snack. Let´s go!!
  • In Linda´s all of them are talking about their likes and after take a fast breakfast they agree go to the gym together
  • It sounds interesting. I like watch movies and I always buy a new one
  • I love work out and keep in shape
  • It was a good conversation to start a busy day. Cameron and Lora go to their work and Pedro is waiting the bus on the corner.
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