fiction story

Updated: 10/4/2021
fiction story

Storyboard Text

  • Exposition
  • “aw your so cute who do you belong to cutie? I guess i will just wait with you till your owner comes.”
  • ruff ruff
  • Rising Action
  • “Your so pretty and silly, i wonder if i could keep you.”
  • Rising Action
  • “looks like no one is coming little guy, i can’t just leave you out here all night i guess i will just take you home for the night cutie.”
  • Sammy was walking at the park on a warm sunday afternoon. As she was walking she sees a confused puppy wondering around so she walks up to see if the puppy has a collar she didn’t see one.
  • Rising action
  • “OMG WHERE IS THE PUPPY?! “puppy puppy where are you??!!”
  • So Sammy took the puppy and played with her at the park just to wait if anyone came.
  • Rising action
  • puppy puppy!! where are you?! i need to find you. *whistling*
  • i wonder how the true owner feels.
  • Sammy waited and waited hoping someone would come for the little puppy but no one came.
  • Rising action
  • i don’t know if i should even try to find the owner she’s so cute and adorable, but i wonder how the true owner feels she has been gone for awhile.
  • The next morning Sammy woke up and couldn’t find the puppy anywhere she was freaking out
  • Sammy spent the whole day trying to find the puppy but she didn’t have luck but she couldn’t help but think how the true owner felt
  • Sammy knew she had to do the right thingSammy knew she had to do the right thing