Updated: 2/14/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Kothiwali
  • I hear,you were present at the battle?
  • Faizullah
  • yes,what a great battle it was. we fought hand to hand and made them feel the strength of our arms.
  • Firangi army
  • Ganga
  • Nawabi Army
  • Shahjahanpur
  • One day Kothiwali recevied a visitor. A stranger whose name was Faizullah. He was a brash young man.
  • Let us meet at my house and discuss measure for our safety. As Fiarngis can attack us any time soon.
  • The Nawab sent out the strong force under Nizam Ali's instructions to prevent the Firangi army crossing Ganga.
  • Firangi Army attacked the Nawabi force and Nawabi force got defeated, After that Firangi Army was on their way to Shahjahanpur. 
  • After the defeat of shahjahanpur. kothiwali showed her qualities as a leader.
  • Kothiwali
  • other people