Lewis and Clark the Expenditioin

Updated: 2/22/2019
Lewis and Clark the Expenditioin

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  • Shoshone Country
  • The Bitteroots
  • The Columbia River
  • Lewis and Clark just arrived at the Shoshone Country in August 8. Sacajawea convinced Cameahawait to give The Corps of Discovery horses to cross the mountain. Sacajawea joined the Corps of discovery. The chief of the Shoshone tribe, Cameahawait, recognized Sacajawea as his sister. Lewis, Clark came to, the three river of the Missouri river. Lewis and Clark named the Three river of the Missouri river Gallatin, Madison and the Jefferson.
  • Fort Clatsop
  • In September of 1805 The Corps of the Discovery were at the Bitterroots The Corps of Discovery came across the Nez Pierce tribe. The Corps of Discovery traded some of their good for three of the Nez Pierce to help escort them through the Bitterroots But sadly two the Nez Pierce abandon them. The Corps Discovery didn't have anything to eat. The Corps of Discovery were starving so they ate the horses they had until the horses were gone.
  • Return trip
  • The Corps of Discovery got to The Columbia River on November of 1805. On November 7 ,1805 , Lewis thought he saw the Pacific Ocean but it was the Columbia River. They fought against the strong currents of the Columbia River. The Nez Pierce tribe helped them carve the canoes to go up the Columbia River.
  • Were the three goals met?
  • They arrived at Fort Caltsop in Winter 1805-1806. Fort Clatsop can fit 32 men and Lewis, Clark, Sacajawea , Jean Baptist, and Charbonneau. The Corps of Discovery fought against the harsh rain to build Fort Clatsop. Lewis and Clark and Expedition only could hunt small elk to eat.
  • On March 23rd, 1806 they left Fort Clatsop an traveled east to the Columbia river. They took the root the Nez Pierce told them. Lewis and Clark split up to find food. Lewis almost went war with hostile Blackfoot, Lewis and the other men killed two Native Americans, Blackfoot was forced to flee. Lewis and Clark teamed up together.
  • Were the the Goals met? Yes the Three Goals were met because Lewis and Clark discovered plants and animals. They found native Americans to trade with. Lewis and Clark discovered that the North West passage wasn't a thing. Lewis and Clark finished the expedition.