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Comic Strip
Updated: 9/21/2020
Comic Strip
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  • Hi, bestfriend, I need help, with something
  • Wassup, Eric, What you need help on? I will help you with what you need help with at lunch.
  • I'm in alg 2, and we are working on, attributes of functions, and I need help with this problem ... F(x)=2x^2-1
  • First, you are going to want to find your domain, which is going to be "All Real #'s"... you are going to look at your inputs on the "X Axis"
  • Secondly, you are going to find you range , which is going to be "y≥-1" ,by finding the range you are going to find the output values, which are shown on the y-axis
  • Emma, I think I'm getting it now, I think the "Y-Intercept" gone be (√22,0),(−√22,0), to find the x-intercept ,substitute in 0 for y and solve for x.
  • Okay, best friend, I see you are getting it, since lunch is over, meet me after school , by my porch
  • Yes, you are getting it bestfriend, and the y- intercept will be, (0,−1), all you have to do is substitute in 0 for x and solve for y
  • Wassup Emma, while, I got on the bus, I found my "max" for the function, and I believe Its (0,−1), that's correct because, you have to find the highest point on the graph
  • Finding, AOS, is very easy, I don't believe its one anyway,and its okay ,not every function need one
  • Yes, that's correct, and also did you know, for the "min" , I don't believe it's one, but lets also find the, increasing/ decreasing interval, and aos.
  • I have an better understanding, I believe the increasing interval is "(0,∞)" , As you travel along the curve of the parabola from left to right, if the y values are increasing, then it is increasing.
  • I agree, I also believe that, the decreasing interval is " (−∞,0)" As you travel from left to right, if the y values are getting smaller, then it is decreasing. If the parabola opens up, the graph will decrease until you arrive at the vertex.
  • Graphically, I believe this function, is even, you can tell because, If you end up with the exact same function that you started with (that is, if f (–x) = f (x), so all of the signs are the same), then the function is even.
  • Best friend , if you need my help you can always help me, love you, see you tomorrow at school
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