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Updated: 1/26/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Character's Speech“I got the conch,” said Piggy indignantly. “You let me speak!” (pg 58)
  • Physical CharacteristicsPiggy is the "fat kid with glasses". He is very pale, is loosing his hair and noticeably lazy. Piggy, like the other boys is very unhygienic and dirty looking at this time.
  • Other Character Comments“Better Piggy than Fatty,” (pg 32) -Ralph
  • Reader's ReactionI feel bad for Piggy. He is very capable and intelligent but not appreciated for it. He has such little confidence from the way the boys treat him it is not fair. When they all met on the beach, Ralph insulted him by exposing his name and then leaving him out and "piggy’s glasses were misted again—this time with humiliation." (pg 32).
  • Author's AttitudeThe author writes Piggy as the easy target for the other boys to pick on. His physical appearance is greatly frowned upon and his glasses and asthma make him even more targeted. He is under-appreciated by the other boys because he is very intelligent but not given any credit for his ideas.