Shoe story
Updated: 4/2/2021
Shoe story

Storyboard Text

  • These shoes are so comfy.....Biden's behind me....isn't he... gotta go protect the kids
  • hmmm... wonder what's going on... well I'm gonna go smell some minors.
  • We need to get all forces to find Biden!
  • Yes sir, Mr. President!
  • Huh... I'm Boe Jiden, I mean Jiden Boe, Um Trump's cool.
  • Yes! The shoes helped save the day. Buy them or pedophiles will keep roaming around!
  • Help the U.S. find Biden!You'll get a pair of the comfy shoes.-Trump
  • Ha! Imma smell you!
  • Leave her alone!!
  • Help!!
  • We got him... can we stay here to help find other pedophiles? The shoes are great by the way!