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Updated: 9/20/2018
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  • Introduchan
  • Conflict
  • Rising Achon
  • Here is our protaganist Ulrich. He is on a hunting trip.
  • Climax
  • This hunting trip is happening because of a family dispute. There neighbors are poaching on Ulrichs land that they stole till Ulrichs grandpa legally took it back and so Ulrich is hunting his neighbor tonight.
  • Falling Achon
  • Ulrich sees someone faraway but he knows its George. As he is walking he is about to pass behind a tree and as soon as he is around that tree he comes face to face to with George.
  • Resoluhon
  • They talked to each other for a bit about how you can not kill out of cold blood. But in a flash a tree fell and trapped there legs both of them.
  • As they lay there they are making death threats to each other,like saying wants my party get here were gunna kill you. But after awile they talked some more talking they became friends and helped each other to call for there party to save them.
  • They bot are calling hoping for there group to show up first so they can show the other one kindness. As they are calling they hear the snow crunching behinde them they see 7 figures and they regouse in till the figures get close then they relise the figures are wolves.
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