Updated: 12/30/2020

Storyboard Description


Storyboard Text

  • Shot from behind of the girls entering the pool. 
  • Wow, look how empty the pool is!
  • The shot switches between a view of Ava and Elizabeth, establishing the contrast between the two siblings.
  • Are you gonna get in Lizzy?
  • Switches shot from Elizabeth's dialogue to Ava's reaction. 
  • I don't feel like swimming. 
  • Two sisters enter their community pool, the younger one ( Ava) enters first while her older sister (Elizabeth) stays behind to look at her cell-phone.
  • Close up of Ava
  • She never wants to go swimming with me..
  • Elizabeth begins to pull a chair to the side while Ava climbs into the pool. Ava throws the beachball to her sister, and asks her if she plans on getting in the pool.
  • Underwater shot of Ava swimming
  • The camera pans the beach ball rolling to Elizabeth's feet. Without looking up from her phone, Elizabeth tells her sister she doesn't plan on swimming.
  • Shot of Ava underwater coming up for air merged with shot of Ava coming out of water, (camera flipped).
  • Ava turns away from Elizabeth. Once she has waded to the other end of the pool, Ava whispers to herself that Elizabeth never wants to go swimming with her. 
  • Ava reaches around for her beach ball, but realizes that it is still with Elizabeth, who is now using it as a foot-rest. Ava groans and starts to swim back over to her sister.
  • As Ava comes up for air, she turns to the left to yell at Elizabeth to give her ball back, but is faced with the pool water. It seems as if the entire pool has flipped (this effect is achieved by editing the clip to be flipped horizontally)