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The Carbon Cycle
Updated: 10/15/2019
The Carbon Cycle
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  • We primary producers are organisms that create there own food by using the suns energy through photosynthesis by taking carbon through CO2 or carbon dioxide
  • We Consumers which are animals have to eat other organisms to obtain nutrients and the organisms that die decomposition in the soil that breaks down the carbon underground
  • We organisms use Cellular Respiration to use oxygen to release CO2 and water or chemical energy of sugars into the atmosphere
  • When we organisms die in water their remains will settle into sediments And the sedimentary rock break down or weathering releases carbon through volcanoes and other geographic disasters
  • We oceans carbon adsorbs the compounds from the atmosphere through the runoff and remains from organisms and the water absorbs and release carbon due to water temperature or the number of organisms living in the land
  • We humans have been putting lots of carbon into the atmosphere for many year in many ways. Such as extracting fossil fuels by mining for them and burning the fossil fuels which to much fossil fuel is bad for the environment.
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