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How my Wife came to Life!
Updated: 4/19/2020
How my Wife came to Life!
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Storyboard Description

Turner Mathews was a wealthy rich man who lived in a mansion all by himself, times were tough for Turner since he had lost his mother to the Covid-19, the passion in his life was to paint. Turner had been painting for years, he may have had anything he wanted, but the one thing that he wanted was to find true love to share everything with. One day he found a piece he made imagining what his future wife would be, but unfortunately it was so ugly that he would never show it in public. Then, he decided to make a newer piece of the old hopefully it would be amazing. While he was making his peace he decided to turn on the new, when he turned it on it said that there had been 506 deaths in his area because of the Covid-19 which meant that he couldn’t go nowhere.The only thing he could think of doing was to finish his Painting. When he finished his new peace it was beautiful and stunning, he had only valued it as if it was a real person. So then he treats it as a human like, for example he gives her name, which was Cassandra.Turner even decided to buy things like jewelry, necklaces, and even a ring! Before he goes to bed he carries his old one to the attic and then puts his new one near his bed. He then closes his eyes for 2 seconds then he hears a voice, he turns and sees the woman he had painted had come to life! He couldn’t believe she was beautiful and amazing. Then he asks her “how are you doing”, Cassandra then says “Good if you brought me something”.He couldn’t believe it, out of all the things she could’ve said she had to say that. He thought the Covid-19 or something had to get her to act like that, then he had to realize that is her true character. He was so disappointed to hear what she had said.He was miserable with her needing everything that she wanted, every time he tried to get to know her but she was paying attention to the things around her that were shiney, Turner couldn’t take much more of the misery so the only thing he could think of was to grab the painting he painted of her and smash it into a million pieces. Then the woman had vanished, after all that he still thought he would never find love. He had heard a voice from upstairs , he ran and found where the voice was coming from, it was from the painting he had made that he thought was ugly and terrible. But then he asked her to speak and, her voice was memorizing and wonderful to him, Turner couldn't believe what he had heard. He then realized that was his true love after all.

Storyboard Text

  • Hey, my name is Turner Mathews
  • Almost finished!
  • I wish I found love
  • COVID-19 has struck again!
  • Ahh! This will be my wife.
  • Buy me more!!!
  • Leave me alone!
  • Yes. This will destroy her!
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