November Novel Study: City Spies
Updated: 11/21/2020
November Novel Study: City Spies

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  • Don't fall...Don't fall. Paris told me to "point yourself in the right direction, and follow your eyes. Your much braver than you realize."
  • "I just need a minute and 30 seconds of trust"
  • "Okay...but at ninety one seconds I start telling the judge about fake passports."
  • You have been chosen to start spy school in Scotland.
  • I'm just going to put this vial of death serum into the vent and it will kill all those people in the room below. I won't die because I have the protective suit on. OUCH
  • You're going to attend school as a day student then you will come back to the farm and work on your spy skills
  • "We're going to Scotland?!"
  • "she's a thief!..She nicked a watch"
  • Project don't like it? What would you like to be called then?
  • "You shouldn't've stole a watch for me"
  • I tricked you into thinking I stole a watch..."despite what you think, I don't steal things"
  • "Tell them it's all rubbish"
  • Rio(left, he has glasses), Mother, Paris(the boy), Sydney, Sara(now Brooklyn), Monty, and Kat
  • "that's bloody brilliant"
  • *kicks* I'm glad I payed attention in YMCA karate class. Got it. Now i have to run and get this into the right hands
  • "Well...we all use our hometowns as our names..And we're spies. about...The City Spies?"
  • Tru
  • I like that it uses a pattern
  • "I'm sold, Call us City Spies."
  • I like it a lot.
  • "Me too"
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