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Updated: 2/23/2019
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  • While going to the bus today, I saw roadkill which should be illegal because animals have lives and feelings too!
  • The Idea 
  • I agree, that should be illegal. We should report this to our congressmen so that they can help us stop this.
  • Bill S.5678.IS is a good idea since many animals do get savagely killed by vehicles.
  • Bill S.5678.IS is introduced to the Committee. 
  • This bill is good, but we will have to make changes to roads and many other things to prevent this.
  • We should make an edit such as putting up more signs and adding mini walkway designated for crossing animals instead. 
  • Bill Reported to the Floor Voted in the House
  • The votes has been casted. 
  • Tom: Yes Britt: Idk Jeff: Yes Tiff: No Leon: Yes
  • We will be discussing bill S.5678.IS for 3 hours. This bill is important because many animals are decreasing in #, and part of it is because of roadkill.
  • This bill is crucial because this situation may eventually lead to some animals extinction.
  • Seems like it's going to the Senate! 
  • Bill goes to Senate Senate Votes
  • While the debate went on for many hours...
  • Many ups and downs about the bill...
  • Both House and Senate
  • The bill brings more debate among the senate and the house...
  • The bill was decided by the 51% of both house and senate to take a final visit to the president
  • Bill sent to president Bill becomes a law
  • The once S.5678.IS Bill has been signed into action by the president
  • Finally, the votes expressed that the bill has succeeded. 
  • Now, hopefully less and less animals are killed by vehicles.
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