Unknown Story
Updated: 8/14/2020
Unknown Story

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  • "Go clean the turtles's tank right now! Or else!"
  • It was the Afternoon, I was playing Roblox on my phone with my cousins in my room peacefully. We were playing Blox Fruits.
  • "Okay okay! I will..."
  • But then I heard footsteps approaching my room, and immediately knew, it was my mother.
  • She came inside my room and said, "Go clean the turtles's tank now! Or else!"
  • I said "Okay Okay! I will.." Yeah, that was obviously a lie, but I think she bought it. She left the room after that with a glare that I think meant, you-better-you-trouble-some-girl.
  • So yeah, I lied and got back to my game and didn't pay too much attention to it. I mean, what can she possibly do? Whatever she does, It can't be THAT bad.....right?
  • Later after that, my mother took my phone away, which I loved so much, and scolded me for not cleaning the turtle's tank. Yup! That's what happens when I don't listen.