Updated: 10/17/2021

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  • Can you believe Madam Gleserick is really going to let me start personal training with her?
  • You're right, I'm sorry Solini. I won't mention it anymore.
  • Hey, Roslyn, don't go around boasting too much about it or some people can get...well a bit jealous, you know.
  • I don't know, I mean all the work...It seems impossible!
  • I just can't believe we're really here! I'm loving this school already!
  • Says the one who's going to be getting personal training with Madam Gleserick.
  • Very funny, Roslyn. You're by far the smartest girl in the entire school, now don't play tricks on me.
  • Hey, Madam Gleserick only chose me because she thought I needed the extra help.
  • Haha, yeah, let's go.
  • Ugh, there's no hope for you! Come on, let's go to dinner.