Comic Strip
Updated: 3/11/2021
Comic Strip

Storyboard Text

  • Today I will be presenting my Science Strip. Hope you like it.
  • Solid Is the first state of matter and a solid is when the molucules are packed tightly together.
  • This is me in the solid state staying in one place.
  • Sublimation is when the molecules go directly from a solid to a gas.
  • This is me in a liquid Form.
  • Liquid is the second state of matter and a liquid is when the molecules are starting to separate but are still close together.
  • Freezing is when the molecules go from a solid to a liquid state.
  • A gas is when all of the molecules are completely separated floating in diffrent areas.
  • This is me as a gas form floating around.
  • Plasma is the forth state of matter after gas.
  • Plasma is everywere. Plasma is made up of 99.9% of the universe
  • I hoped you like my Comic Strip Presentation.