All American Boys By Javon Young
Updated: 5/3/2019
All American Boys By Javon Young

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  • fine... left right left left right right
  • No Rashad its left right not left left left come now get it together already
  • yo u bro ready for this party a j place yeah yeah you ready yes bro now can we get home so i can get ready already god 
  • man im so ready for this party now the only thing i need is for my brother to stop text for a second so i can get there 
  • hello there day well be talking about two main charterers from the story "All American Boys"oh look here is one of them a boy name Rashad he a good boy but he just wants to go a party at the end of the day because today is Friday or in his and his brother says it "poory"for party.
  • i seen kids with house keys tucked between their knuckles throwing punches like that own the place like really get together already
  • after Rashad school he makes up with so of his friends like a friends and talk about the party that are going to at night .
  • Form Guzzo To Quinn 12;56 P.m: bro come here the party is going crazy up in here that some much hot girls here bro u come?
  • To Guzzo form Quinn at 12:56 P.m : don't worry bro im come there calm down i need to get my friends first
  • after school Rashad go home to get ready for this night of fun with friends and brother who is already at the party waiting for him and at that time we see the next main charater Quinn
  • 'Don't miss up dude or u get us all in a bad time " ( he use his eyebrows for talk lol)
  • Now we move next main charterer of the story Quinn Marshall Collins he is a calm person and we do anything to help his friends at time its hard for him .
  • The one thing about quinn part of the story is some of the part come with a part that show he and someone text back in back and front with each other and here is the part of his friend Guzzo talk him about a big deal that happend yesterday
  • The party day everyone is ready to go all of Quinn's friends comeing out with him to go it but before that go to the party one of his friends Wills want to doing something good so Quinn give good words and here it is .
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