Updated: 9/9/2020

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  • What are you doing?!
  • Alan. a successful businessman, was driving home early from work to surprise his wife, Mary, for their anniversary.
  • You cheat on me after all the hard work I've done!
  • When he arrives, however, he sees a black Sedan parked on his driveway and he grows suspicious
  • Entering through the back door, he finds his wife and one of her coworkers, Christopher, making out on top of the kitchen countertop.
  • Mary pushes Christopher away and walks towards Alan. Alan's frustration and anger grows further, and he screams in a fit of rage. Mary's expression changes, and she backfires at Alan.
  • But I didn't ask you for that, did I? All I wanted was to be satisfied!
  • Alan gave in to rage, and in a few moments, he had grabbed the closest knife and pierced Mary's heart. She was dead, unmoving, lifeless. Christopher, shocked by the whole exchange, bolts out the front door, never stopping his sprint until he was sure Alan wasn't following him.
  • Christopher dialed 911 and reported the whole incident. Within minutes, the police had arrived. They had Alan in cuffs, reciting his rights and all the legal procedures. Nobody would've ever expected that this anniversary was to be their last.