Frankenstein Story Summary
Updated: 4/8/2021
Frankenstein Story Summary

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  • I've got to destroy this! There is too much risk!
  • The monster was trying to be good and explain to people about him. He saved a girl, but they shot him. Then he tried to talk to a little boy but accidentally killed him, the boy was William!
  • The creature said that if Victor made him a wife, he would leave in peace and avoid humans. Victor doesn't trust him but feels like he owes him that. He agrees to make a wife for him and goes home with a heavy heart.
  • Victor traveled to Scottland to finish making the creature's wife. He then thought, "What if the creature doesn't love the girl? Or the other way around?" Then he decided there was too much risk and destroyed it.
  • Henry was murdered by the monster because he was Victor's friend! Victor got married to Elizabeth but was worried the monster would show up and kill him. He told Elizabeth to go to bed. Elizabeth screamed and Victor found her dead with terror in her face and saw the creature grin through the window.
  • Victor was so upset, he followed the creature around the world, trying to find him so he could kill the creature. He was very weak and exhausted and was close to death.
  • Victor died on a ship he found and the creature knew it was his fault. He found Victor and cried. He felt so bad about kill of of Victor's family, he went to go burn himself to death.