Julius Caesar
Updated: 3/3/2021
Julius Caesar

Storyboard Text

  • Antony meets Octavius and Lepidus at his house. They review a list of names, deciding who must be killed. (Act iV scene i)
  • Brutus explains that he has been under many emotional burdens lately, the foremost of which has been the death of his wife, Portia; he recently received news that she killed herself by swallowing fire. (Act iV scene ii)
  • Brutus can't sleep because he is feeling guilty. This guilt feeling sudenly turn into a vision were Caesar appears. (Act iV scene ii)
  • Octavius and Antony enter the battlefield at Philippi with their armies.
  • Brutus sits with his few remaining men. He asks them to hold his sword so that he may run against it and kill himself. (Act iV scene V)
  • Octavius says that they should bury Brutus in the most honorable way and orders the body to be taken to his tent. (Act V scene V)