Updated: 5/8/2020

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  • And whoever I don't like, I can just excommunicate!
  • We own one third of Europe and the people do whatever we say!
  • Of course, only 10 pounds.
  • Please forgive my sins!
  • This isn't right!
  • !!!!
  • What the!
  • During the Medieval Ages, the Church had a significant role and was what kept Europe united during those dark times. However, once it ended, the Church lost power and people began to grow suspicious of it and its authority.
  • The Bible is the central source of religious authority!
  • Salvation is reached through faith, not deeds!
  • The Reformation began with Martin Luther, a priest and once advocated Roman Catholic, who was disgusted with the Church's abuses and sought to change it.
  • God determines the faith of every person!
  • Luther wrote his "95 Theses", a set of propositions and questions about indulgences and is said to have nailed it to a church door.
  • I want a divorce!
  • No.
  • His beliefs and ideas spread quickly and from there, he created a new branch of Christianity called Lutheranism. And thus Protestant Christianity was formed.
  • The formation of the Lutheran Church caused the Roman Catholic Church to break down into new sects of Christianity. The new sects were freed from a reliance on the pope and the Catholic Church as the only source of religious knowledge. A form of Protestantism that arose from this was Calvinism.
  • Another new sect created was the Church of England. King Henry VIII wanted a divorce from his wife who had not born him a son but the Pope wouldn't allow it.