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Cleaning Day
Updated: 9/10/2020
Cleaning Day
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  • Engage the reader & introduce the character.(beginning)
  • Major event (middle)
  • Conclusion
  • On a Saturday of 2008 my mom and I where at out house because my mom didn't had work that weekend. When my mom didn't go to work she use does days as a cleaning day. While my mom was washing our clothes I was playing in the front of the house with my dolls. Two hours later I was already bored of playing with my dolls so I decided to go to the back yard and bother my mom .
  • I wanted to be with my mom because I didn't knew what could I do. My mom told me "go get my dolls so I can wash their clothe and entertain your self with something, while I finish." I went to the front door to get my dolls, I sat in the back yard where the laundry was to wash the dolls clothes. I got bored again and my mom gave me her phone and took me to the house . One to two hours past and I got out of the room to see what was my mom doing .
  • My mom was in the kitchen making the lunch, and she was not finish doing the laundry so I went out to get all my dolls with my mom's phone , I saw a bucket full of water and detergents, I put my mom's phone in the bucket and left it there until my mom went out again . She came and I was so happy because I though I was doing something good, I said "Mom I already clean your phone can you see it." She got really mad that she told me " We need to have a talk, the phone doesn't turn on can you see it." I was crying a lot. My mom put her phone in rice and the next day that se woke up it worked but from that day my mom Doesn't let me use her phone.
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