The Girl-Part 1
Updated: 11/18/2020
The Girl-Part 1

Storyboard Description

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Storyboard Text

  • A old city that was dead.
  • A girl in a city that is vacant this place is chernobyl nuclear power plant, Pripyat, Ukrainian SSR, Soviet Union.
  • A girl not knowing what to do starts to find food and shelter for the power plant the people shutting down the city's oxegen level is slowly killng her.
  • She stands at a her old house that was condemned
  • A house that she found that was in sorta good shape
  • She lives all alone till everyone comes back.
  • She finds shelter at a house down the street from the city.
  • Her in a room from the house she found.
  • She was a quite girl living alone soon she would fix uo the house.
  • A closet looking for clothes.
  • Soon a a 7 year old girl would fix it up
  • she would clean her self up and being cleaning the house to live here.
  • Dinning room that gave her memories.