Science Project
Updated: 2/13/2020
Science Project

Storyboard Description

My science project

Storyboard Text

  • Micheal Marble'sWorld Tour
  • 1rst Stop 
  • Micheal Limestone starts off as a Sedimentary rock and falls inside the earth mantle where heat and pressure occur. Now it's Micheal Marble
  • I love this hot tub. But the bubble's are pressuring me.
  • 2nd Stop
  • Micheal Marble is now on his second stop were he is on a boat in the river experiencing erosion which is going to make him sediment.
  • It's very windy.
  • 3rd Stop
  • Micheal Marble is now on his third stop to the doctor's office to be compacted together because he fell when he was at the river. Now Micheal is a Sedimentary rock.
  • On Micheal Marble's fourth stop he decided to sing his song Melting and Cooling. Now Micheal is a Igneous rock.
  • 4rth Stop
  • Melting and Cooling
  • Sadly, on Micheal's last stop while hanging up a poster he hit himself with a hammer causing him to break into pieces. Now Micheal ends off his World Tour as sediment.