causes and effects of the settlement of the West from 1865 to 1898
Updated: 1/31/2020
causes and effects of the settlement of the West from 1865 to 1898
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  • CAUSEThe 2nd Industrial Revolutiongave birth to many new inventions
  • Imporovements in mechanization helped farmers
  • EFFECTFood production increased and food prices began to decline.
  • CAUSEIncreasing consolidation in agriculture markets and dependence on railroad systems
  • Creation of local and regional cooperative organizations to empower farmers
  • EFFECTOrganizations like these inspired activists like the agrarians to create the Populist Party
  • CAUSEMigrants moved to the West in search of land and economic opportunity,
  • Building of transcontinental railroad
  • EFFECTPacific railway acts, boom towns, and economic growth occurred
  • CAUSESettlers sought after self-sufficiency and independence as well as opportunities
  • Reasons for people moving west including farming, mining, ranching, building railroads
  • EFFECTThis lead to many boom towns developing into cities as well gaining identities.
  • CAUSEAs the settler population increased, the need for land resources and food also increased.
  • Competition and violence between Anglo settlers, Mexican Americans, and American Indians
  • EFFECTThis lead to events like Sand Creek Massacre, Battle of Little Big Horn, Battle of Wounded Knee, etc
  • CAUSEThe U.S. government violated treaties with American Indians and responded to resistance with military force, eventually confining American Indians to reservations and denying tribal sovereignty.
  • Indian Wars including reservations and assimilation attempts
  • EFFECTThis lead to events like Surrender of Chief Joseph (1877)2. Surrender of Apaches led by Geronimo (1887)3. Great Sioux Reservation
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