Hero or Zero Project
Updated: 12/2/2019
Hero or Zero Project

Storyboard Text

  • To me, a hero is someone who makes a positive impact on someone's life. Heroes use their abilities to make good change, they learn from their mistakes, and they never give up.
  • 3 of my heroes are Albert Einstein, Helen Keller, and Elon Musk.
  • I was a hero when I dragged my men off of the Lotus Eaters' island. By dragging them off, I showed that I would do anything to protect my men, even if they might not agree at that specific moment.
  • I showed heroism while we were stuck in the cyclops cave. I showed my intelligence with that amazing idea to call myself "Nobody", the idea of stabbing the cyclops in the eye, and the brilliant idea to ride out of the cave underneath the sheep.
  • I was a hero at my own house. I defeated all 100 suitors at my house with the help of only 2 of my loyal servants and my son. I showed my intelligence and my loyalty to my family when I saved my wife and son, and got my kingdom back.
  • Even though I am and will always be an amazing hero, I'll admit that my ego got the best of me sometimes. I am still a hero though, because I learned from my mistakes, and used my abilities to do the best I could.