the lake
Updated: 1/12/2020
the lake
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one day four friends (sam lily mia abe) decide to go to the lake but something go wrong.

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  • Lily I have a good idea for us today. let's go to the lake for swimming and doing picnic. ıf you want, we can call the guys and they can come with us.
  • it is perfect because I am bored in home I want to outside.
  • guys, I'm a little scared of the lake because of event in there few years ago. You know someone has disappeared in there.
  • heey this event was years ago. So, don't think about it. We will spend good time in there.
  • you go on, I will explorer little bit in here
  • come on lily, water is so good
  • when Lily and Mia sitting in the living room mia tells an idea. Then they call their other friends and decide to go to the lake.
  • yeah, I'am worried about her. I hink we should call him.
  • liiilly! where are you 
  • liliy still hasn't come back
  • guys, I think we should go home. it's dark
  • On the way to the lake Lily is a bit worried about the girl who disappeared. But her friend calms her down.
  • we can't leave her in here
  • we can't call her in this dark and rain. I am going to home and if you want you can come.
  • Everyone is very happy when they come to the lake. Lily doesn't want to go into the water yet, so she wants to go around and explore here.
  • After a few hours her friends have worried about Lily because she hasn't came back. Therefore they decide to look for it but they haven't found her for hours.
  • yeah I aggre, we have been looking for her for hours
  • Sam and Abe want to go home because the weather is bad and it is raining. They decide to call the police. The cops couldn't find him.
  • sam is right mia, the weather is very bad. the police will handle this situation
  • Everybody's been looking for him for years. But nobody couldn't find her. She has gone. Mia and Lily's friends write her name on the near to lake for commemorate her. Mia comes to her name every year and apologizes to her...
  • I'am sorry to force you coming here lily. I'am sorry for everything. I miss you so much
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