The Knight Tale

Updated: 10/6/2021
The Knight  Tale

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  • Once upon a time, there lived a mighty duke...
  • My name is Thesus I live in Athens, I am the great conqueror..
  • I conquered all of the amazon
  • On his homecoming ,witnesses two ladies crying outside of his town.
  • One of the women introduced herself as the wife of King Capaneus. She asked the the Dukes mercy.
  • I swear to take vengeance for your husbands and late Kingdom
  • He fulfilled what he promised. He went to Thebes and kill Creon. Theseus also brought back the bones of the knights of the late kingdom to their wives.
  • I will not kill you soldiers of Thebes. You will suffer a life imprison instead.
  • Have mercy on us King Theseus.
  • One spring morning, Palamon saw Emilia, fair-lady and the sister-in-law Theseus, in just a blink of an eye, he fell in love with her. And when Arcita saw her too, he fell in love with her too.
  • She's indeed a beautiful lady. I want her to be my wife.
  • She's so beautiful. She took my heart in just a glance.