Unknown Story
Updated: 2/11/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Hi Frank how has the morning gone so far.
  • hello Becky,its gone great i have loved starting this new job and working with my co workers
  • Becky-have the co workers been helpful to you?frank-yes very much so especially my new pal john here.john-its been such a pleasure to help him out.Becky-thank you john for helping frank out and showing him the ropes.
  • thank you Becky i sure will learn a lot from this place im grateful for the opportunity
  • I hope everything here and all that you will learn will help you out a lot i have loved your can do spirt 
  • Becky-and remember you can always ask me and your co workers for help.frank-thank you Becky i sure will!
  •  Becky-I'm sure after a few months more of this job you will get the hang of everything here.frank-i'm sure i will ill try my best here but for the most part everything gone smoothly.
  • frank-i have really enjoyed working here though everyone very friendly and i understand very easily what i'm doing.Becky-i'm very pleased to hear that well if you ever need any help i'm here for you.frank- thank you Becky