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Spanish Invasion of Aztecs
Updated: 9/17/2018
Spanish Invasion of Aztecs
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  • Spanish Conquistador Hernan Cortes arrived at the Mexican Coast in April 1519, in search of the Aztecs that were rumoured. He had 500 men, 16 horses and some cannon. He also brought along an American Indian women who was his interpreter.
  • Montezuma II, the Aztec king, thought he was their God, Quetzalcoatl. He gave Hernan gold and chocolate as gifts, but Montezuma II didnt really trust Hernan to be their God. Nonetheless, he still treated them well just in case he was God.
  • Cortes began making his way to Tenochititlan, and teamed up with many other small tribes that also hated the aztecs in order to accomplish his plan of taking over the Aztecs. The Spanish' closest ally was the Tlaxcalans, and they helped Cortes know more about who the Aztecs were and plans to attcack them.
  • Even though Montezuma II tried to stop Cortes from reaching Tenochititlan, he and his army kept on marching. When they arrived, Montezuma II gave them morepresents as he was still concerned that Cortes was actually a God. Cortes also destroyed the Aztecs religious city Cholula on the way to Tenochititlan.
  • Eventually conflict sparked and Cortes killed Montezuma II. However, the Aztecs were very angry and had a deadly battle with Cortes. In the end, Cortes narrowly escaped and took away some of Tenochititlan's loot, but lost abouttwo thirds of his entire army. He was close to getting caught. 
  • After Cortes escaped, he went back to gather more Tlaxcalan soilders to attack Tenochtitlan again. This time, he defeated the Aztecs and took over their city. He soon built structures and reclaimed the city as the Spanish.
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