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The Kite Runner
Updated: 4/28/2020
The Kite Runner
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  • This is the first major scene in the novel when Hassan decided to find the prize kite for Amir. He does not return, so Amir goes to find him. Hassan is found surrounded in an alley by Assef, Wali and Kamal. Assef is about to rape Hassan because he is a Pashtun. He claims Hassan is not a true Afghan and should be punished. Amir sees the 'look of the lamb' on Hassan's face and he does not intervene as Hassan is raped. He decides to leave Hassan, running back to the alley later. He walks Hassan home and they do not talk about it. This leaves Amir wondering if Hassan knows he was there.
  • This is the scene when Hassan and his father Ali are leaving Baba and Amir. The day before, Amir staged a theft, hiding money under Hassan's mattress. He told Baba right away that someone had stolen his birthday money. When Ali and Hassan return, Hassan says he stole the money, and Baba forgives him. Ali says that life there for them has become impossible, and they must go. Amir now realizes that Hassan knew that Amir saw his rape. Baba becomes very saddened since he and Ali have grown up close. He and Ali have an arguement about why they muct leave, which makes Amir see the effects of what he has caused. They leave on a rainy night with only their necessary belongings and Amir never sees them again.
  • In this scene, Baba dies after falling asleep. Baba was diagnosed with oat-cell carcinoma, requiring chemotherapy and more care. Soraya who is now Amir's wife wishes to move in so that she can help Amir take care of Baba. According to Amir she becomes 'dedicated' to this so much so that Baba shows her Amir's writing journal. Amir runs off crying because he has been looking for his journal since childhood. A month later Baba is bedridden and smiles when he sees how Amir cares for Soraya. In this moment, everyone is happy an Baba wishes to go to sleep. Baba kisses them both and does not want his medicine. His final words are 'there is no pain tonight.' In the morning they find him dead.
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