The Siren
Updated: 2/9/2021
The Siren

Storyboard Text

  • "The sirens will sing his mind away on their sweet meadow lolling. There are piles of dead men rotting in a pile beside them, and frayed skins shrivel around the spot."
  • The sirens and Scylla are super dangerous.
  • "Plug your oarsmen's ears with beeswax kneaded soft; none of the rest should hear that song. But if you wish to listen, let the men tie you in the lugger..."
  • You need to wear wax over your ears so you can not hear her.
  • "I carried wax along the line, and laid it thick on their ears. They tied me up, then, plumb amidships, back to the mast, lashed to the mast, and took themselves again to rowing."
  • Put this wax on your ears and do not untie me no matter what