Updated: 2/11/2021

Storyboard Text

  • - Oldest of the gang- Six-feet tall- Stocky build- Long rusty-colored side burns- Gray eyes
  • - Very silly- Jokes around a lot- Talks to much- Doesn't remember stuff easily - Nosy- A Greaser- Jumps to conclusions- Mixed thoughts
  • Direct Characterization:"Two-Bit Mathews was the oldest of the gang and the wise cracker of the bunch. He was about six-feet tall, stocky build, and very proud of his long rusty-colored side-burns. He had gray eyes and a wide grin, and he couldn't stop making funny remarks to save his life".Why the quote demonstrates direct characterization: It is using physical description.
  • Indirect Characterization:"Life was one big joke to Two-Bit. He was famous for shoplifting and his black-handled switchblade (which he couldn't have acquired without his first talent), and he was always smarting off the cops."Why the quote demonstrates direct characterization: It is showing action description.