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Kirsty and Rachel's fun chapter three
Updated: 10/14/2020
Kirsty and Rachel's fun chapter three
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Rachel and Kirsty were off to visit a real castle! They were so excited! They had already planned this trip a long time ago, so the royal carrige drove them there. when they got there, they went up to there room, It was very empty, because there is so many other things to do, in there bedroom, they had a enormus four poster bed, that they shared, two really fancy looking chairs, there was a stool to get up to the bed, and a really big balcony. Then Rachel's mom found them in there room, and told them to come into the sitting room, and chat, so they followed Rachel's mom to the sitting room, and they acttualy met a real princess, and a real queen! They had putten on make-up, and put on really pretty dresses, cause they were visiting a royal family! The sitting room was a very large room, it had a fireplace, lot's of couches, and a really, really fancy chair that the queen was sitting on, the princess was sitting on a fancy comfy white couch, the girls sat on two bean bags and started to chat, Rachel's mom was chating with the queen, there were lots of windows in the sitting room too.
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