The Great Depression
Updated: 3/6/2020
The Great Depression

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  • ''What are we going to do mom?''
  • ''Can we go home mom?''
  • ''I do not know Aaliyah."
  • GREAT DEPRESSIONthe Great Depresion
  • ''Sure Aaliyah."
  • ''Well the stock market crashed and I do not have any money to pay for it.''
  • "Mom what wrong with the light?''
  • "It's ok I love you mom."
  • "It's ok mom I know you are trying."
  • "I wish yall had a better life."
  • "I got a surprise for you."
  • "She is my sister and I have not seen her in a while so deal with it ok."
  • "We are going to auntie Jazz."
  • "It is to far away please no mom."
  • "Why mom I know she is rich and all but why?"
  • "Hey auntie jazz."
  • "Yes I did,so i heard that F.D.R is fighting for the presdent."
  • Franklin Delano Roosevelt
  • FDR! FDR!
  • F.D.R was elected
  • F.D.R!F.D.R!
  • Herbert Clark Hoover
  • GREAT DEPRESSION In the 1920 It was hard for some people to pay for things they needed like clothes,shoes,house,and food for their kids. Some people did not survive the Great Depression it was a very hard time for most people back then in the 1920.