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Updated: 1/31/2020
Unknown Story
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  • yeah I quit my old job to join it they have so many spots available you should join with me.
  • now that Tarquin the harsh tyrant was driven from power we can form a republic.
  • yeah I heard that they are creating a senate, have you heard about that?
  • ever since Julius ceasar came into rule we have had more jobs and the senate has expanded.
  • yeah but I am getting worried that he is becoming too powerful.
  • yeah I know, he even started colonies where people without land could own property.
  • finally we can be treated like the rich people that we are and don't have to live down with the slaves.
  • this is great news, now that we finally have a working social system where the rich are treated better like they should be.
  • yes I agree we can have as many properties as we want and can use all the necessities we want.
  • hey I just found out about this new religion called Christianity, its were you believe in jesus.
  • yeah I was studying it when I found out about paul who was a jew who hated chritianity but then after a long trip he said he had a vision of Christ and started to follow chritianity.
  • now that we are having pirates disrupt trade and outside invasions the taxes are rising but we are losing money I don't think we can keep up with this.
  • yeah and now our last emperor was ousted by Germanic forces and the western half of the empire has almost completely disappeared.
  • now that we have a unique way to rule called Greco-Roman culture, we might have a chance to flourish again.
  • yeah especially because of our new way of art called sculpture and our learning and literature.
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