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Updated: 1/30/2020
Spanish storyboard copied
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  • The Spanish Reconquista
  • We must reclaim the land from the Moors! For our people and our religion!
  • Yes, we must do what's best for our people, and make our God proud!
  • The Spanish Inquisition
  • The only way we will be united is if we all follow the same religion!
  • I have a few ideas in mind. Your wish is our command, your majesty.
  • There are heretics among our people! We must find out who they are! It doesn't matter how you do it, find the heretics and punish them!
  • This is my opportunity to control people!
  • Spanish Exploration
  • You are an interesting one, Christopher Columbus. Most would say you are out of your mind, but I am willing to give you a chance. I will fund your voyage.
  • I know I may sound crazy, but please my lady, please fund my voyage. I promise I will find land and claim it for Spain!
  • King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella claiming that they must take back their land from the Moors. They feel they must do it for their people and for their God.
  • The Spanish Reconquista #2
  • At last, Granada is finally ours, we have finally reclaimed our land from the Moors.
  • It is now time to unite our people!
  • The King and Queen reinstate the Spanish Inquisition. Isabella believes that everyone would only be united if everyone followed one religion. Ferdinand saw a chance to control people. The pope suggests to torture the heretics until they confess.
  • The Spanish Inquisition #2
  • Allah please help me!
  • Confess that you are a heretic or die!
  • Please let me go!
  • Christopher Columbus is asking Queen Isabella to fund for his voyage west across the ocean. Isabella decides to give him a chance and funds his voyage after winning the war against the Moors.
  • Spanish Exploration #2
  • At last after 36 days at sea, we have found India!
  • Land! Captain I see land! Land ahoy!
  • The Spanish have finally reconquered Granada, the last southern territory controlled by the Moors. They must now find a way to unite their people.
  • The Inquisitors (members of the clergy) torture the citizens to get them to confess that they are heretics and not true Christians. Only citizens that follow the same religion as the ruler in power are allowed to stay in Spain.
  • I'm not a heretic! I promise!
  • Please do not let them know who I truly am!
  • After 36 days, sailing across the Atlantic, one of Columbus' crew members spots land. The men are overjoyed at the fact of reaching " India. "
  • I did it...I did it! The King and Queen will be delighted!
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