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Updated: 3/9/2021
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  • Loyalty
  • It's been some time
  • Pride
  • enough Odysseus
  • Revenge
  • In book 23 of the Odyssey Odysseus finally returns home and encounters his wife Penolpe and are shocked but happy at the same time. Homer formulates a sequence of events to demonstrate the central idea of Loyalty. "what sign could be so clear as this of our own bed? No other man has ever laid eyes on it -only my own slave" (book 2, lines 75-78, Penelope). This quote is basicallysaying still after 20 years no man has ever came in here thinking its his bed or his home. This quote connects to loyalty because after your husband being gone for so long and not knowing if he was dead she stayed loyal and commited to the marriage while not seeking any other love. Penelope indicates that she is extremly loyal after Odyssus leaving such a big whole in her heart and not only that but dhe also rejected all the suitors
  • In book 9 of the Odyssey Odysseus and some of his crew get trapped by Cyclops and later escape but not without Odysseus pride getting in the way. Homer formulates a sequence of events to demonstrate pride. "if ever mortal man inquire how you were put to shame and blinded, tell him Odysseus, raider of cities, took your eye: Laerte's son, whose home's on Ithaca" (9.416-419). A transitions of events leads to Odysseus and his men escaping the land of the cyclops and on his boat. Odysseus started to feel proud and of his actions. He revealed his identity and he boated about how he defeated the cyclops. This connects to pride because he is basically saying that only he has defeated the cyclops and only he can and he is rubbing it in the cyclops face which indicates he has a huge pride.
  • In book 22 of the Odyssey Odysseus returns to Ithaka to seek vengeance and takes out the suitor's . Homer formulates a sequence of events to demonstrate Revenge. "You took my house to plunder, twisted my maids to serve your beds. You dared bid for my wife while i was still alive" (book 23, lines 35-37, Odysseus). This quote is saying that all the suitors tried to take his life and his world just because they thought Odysseus was dead. Odysseus is furious with the fact that they tried taking everything he built with his hard sweat and tears. Odysseus didn't take that litley and especially all of them biding on his wife so he took out his anger and got his revenge for everything they did. Odysseus shows them no remorce after everyt5hing the suitors have done to him and his family while he was gone for 20 years.