Updated: 12/19/2019
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  • Man, what a beautiful day in Smog City! Actually...on the second thought god it looks horrendous! What should I do to fix it?Hmmmm.....Well I might ask a great friend of mine Bob Roose who can help!
  • Hey Mayor! How are ya? Well I heard your scream and felt like you were in a pickle so let me help ya! First to diminish nitrogen oxide and carbon monoxide use a catalytic converter in the car exhaust. It tackles the problem through a chemical process called reduction and oxidation. Which one breaks up the nitrogen oxide into nitrogen and oxygen. And also turns the monoxide into C02, and hydrocarbons into CO2 and water!
  • Darn! That pretty cool my dude
  • Wait, there is even more!
  • Also vapor recovery nozzles can help reduce air pollution in gas stations through the nozzles to full up your car. It actually collects and compresses low volume gas into a larger compressor. Which is basically used to recover the vent gas that is released in the air.
  • Wow, that can truly help our city Bob!
  • But that's not all! There is also a dry scrubber too, which when these particulates come in contact with the polluted stream they react and neutralize the dangerous compound into less harmful substances!
  • Another amazing way to reduce pollution is through Wet Scrubbers! They are effective way of removing industrial exhaust streams in factories. They operate through introducing the dirty gas stream with a scrubbing liquid(typically water) and is collected in the liquid!
  • Also I heard that it targets sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen chloride. chlorine, ammonia, oxides of nitrogen, and also hydrocarbons!
  • They also gather up all kinds of pollutants such as soot, flying ash, sulfur dioxide, and also nitrogen oxides.
  • There are also electrostatic smoke precipitators in these factories too! They are made from metal wires, bars, or plates inside smokestacks. The first electrode is then charged with a very high negative voltage which the pollution picks up. Then through a positive charge the pollutant gets attached to the metal plate and hangs onto the side until it has been cleaned out!
  • Wow! If we had that our city would be really clean!
  • And so the Journey of Bob and the Mayor has come to an end...or rather the beginning of a new clean cityTHE END
  • Well Mayor I hope you can help make this city a better place with all of this knowledge, I truly wish you the best of Luck!
  • Thank you Bob for helping me out man! I really appreciate the help and support for my city!
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