Events During the New Nation
Updated: 5/2/2019
Events During the New Nation

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  • The whiskey rebellion was caused by a tax act on liquor in 1791. Farmers from the west became mad with this because they usually refined their grains into whiskey which was cheaper than transferring it as whole grains. Because of this the Farmers decided to form a rebellion called the "Whiskey Rebellion" and attacked the federal government and lost which proved that our federal government was strong.
  • Whiskey Rebellion
  • Federal Judiciary Act of 1789
  • Before John Adams left office he appointed William Marbury for a government position but James Madison did not agree with this and did not let this pass so Marbury decided to sue so he could get his potion in the government. Because of this it set up Judiciary Review in court cases.
  • Marbury v Madison
  • Alien Act
  • Sedition Act
  • Louisiana Purchase
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