Unknown Story

Updated: 3/26/2021
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • Box 1: The bear lives in a forest habitat. It eats on plants, berries, and small mammals such as frogs. The predator is a wolf. The squirrel and deer are just extra animals that live in the forest.
  • Box 4: The bears ate all of the other organisms. They caught them by using their claws. Eventually their food supply ran out and they migrated to another snowy area, but with a stream now. The bears now have more wolves to eat and now fish. They adapted by getting sharper teeth to eat and catch their fish.
  • Box 2: The climate changed over the years and it has gotten colder. The bear adapted to this environment change by growing out their fur to keep them warm during the cold weather.
  • Box 3: Due to the cold weather, the plants eventually died and the squirrel went into hibernation. Since the bears eat on plants and they died, the frog population eventually died off too. The bear adapted to this change by growing claws and getting fleshy pads to help with traction in the snow when catching prey.