Updated: 1/24/2020
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  • Oh no! The wound in my hand has opened up. I am going to get an infection. I could die. What do I do?!
  • Aza and her friends Daisy and Mychal at lunch discussing the mysterious disappearance of the billionaire Russell Pickett.
  • Did you hear the millionaire that Aza used to be friends with escaped from going to jail the other day!
  • I heard theres a $100,000 reward for it! You guys should try and get it.
  • Aza and Daisy sneak into the billionaires mansion where she comes across her long lost friend Davis.
  • I need to cleanse my body... This bacteria is malignant... Need to drink hand sanitizer...
  • I know you are here to get the reward for finding my dad, but I have no clue where he ran off to. He is no dad to me
  • I promise I didn't tell the police that I found your father.
  • Aza goes to her a doctor every so often to help get better but she still feels fictional and sick.
  • The medicine hasn't worked and I hate taking it. I think I am dying what do I do I am going to get an infection
  • You need to come back soon, you are not dying. I will give you medicine with a higher potency.
  • Do you find me repulsive? Is it something I did? Are we going to fast? Do you not want to date me?
  • Aza is in quite a predicament because she cannot control her body which leads Davis to feel like he is doing something wrong.
  • Its not you, I just feel like a million minuscule bacterias are chewing up my insides causing catastrophic events to my body
  • I need to go and wash my mouth with hand sanitizer. HELP! The bacteria is going to get me!
  • After a car crash Aza ends up in the hospital. All that she can think about while she is there are the millions of bacteria eating her up inside.
  • After Aza and Daisy find Russel Pickett dead in a sewer they tell Davis.
  • No, my brother and I came to the decision we had to tell that you found him dead for the good of us. We are moving to Utah and have enough money to spend our lives there. Good by
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