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Updated: 7/21/2020
Story Writing
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  • Hey miss, i was in class, and i completely blanked out on our lesson of simplifying algebric expressions and i also have homework!
  • ok, what is the problem.
  • -17-t-{t+3}
  • Step one. Distribute. well, to start off, dont even pay attention to the -17, and only stick to what is next, and inside the parentheses, Act as though the negative sign on the outside of the parenthesis is a negative one. take a number inside the parentheses and multiply by the negative one on the outside of the parentheses. this should bring you to getting -17-t-1-3
  • Step two, box the like terms and circle the variables, this helps so you dont get confused throughout, you can rearrange the problem as well if this will help you. This should get you to see that -17 and -3 are like terms and so is -t and -t.
  • Step three: solving the like terms. now , you just have to solve the numbers the boxes with boxes, and the circles with circles, the boxes would be -17 and -3 and the circles would be -t and -t, so the small equation for the boxes would be the -17-3 that would equal -20 and the circles would be -t-t, that would equal -2t. so the fully simplified equation would be -20-2t.
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